Curate the memories that you want to keep, let go, or share, all with simple swipe gestures
Client: Canon Inc.
Role: Design Lead

I worked closely with the developers and designers in creating a product that helps you consolidate your entire photo library. You get to curate the memories that you want to keep, let go, or share, all with simple swipe gestures.

Jumpshot presents you with your entire gallery, one image at a time. You have the options of swiping right to keep a photo, left to delete a photo, double-tapping to share, and other additional features such as zoom and undo.

From a research paper that Canon Canada conducted in 2015, we identified several white spaces. One in particular, titled as the "post-capture experience," is the gap in-between the moment from when you capture a photograph to when you share it on social media. We recognized that digital hoarding was one of the many problems that fell into that white space and as a result, Jumpshot was created to help solve that issue.

Jumpshot uses an ideology that is presented in “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo. Kondo instructs us to gather all of our belongings and go through them one at a time. With each item, we must ask ourselves “Does this bring me joy?”, if the answer is no, you place it in the discard pile.

Only after you have finished sorting all of your belongings do you begin the task of organizing the items that you’ve chosen to keep. Similarly, Jumpshot provides you with one image at a time where you decide if you want to keep or let go until you have sifted through your entire photo library.

The Launch

Jumpshot has been available for free on the App Store since October of 2016, where it was featured by Apple for ten consecutive weeks and became Canon’s highest rated mobile app to date.
You can download it here.

One of the key metrics we looked at to determine success was the percentage of users that sorted their entire camera roll, which was 93%. Additionally, 33% of the 20M photos sorted in Jumpshot’s first six months were deleted.


One of our marketing strategies involved utilizing Canon's social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to reach out to the loyal customers. Canon Canada has a following count of 277K+ on Facebook, 96K+ on Instagram, 60K+ on Twitter, and 4K+ subscribers on YouTube.


“This has helped me, I have always had space problems because I like to take pictures. This is easy to use and can be fun as well looking at pictures again. Definitely recommended 🙂”

“My photo library is filled with old and unwanted photos that I took which eating up my memory. Finally a simple and elegant solution to solve this problem. Sorting through my 1000+ photo is a nostalgic trip through the memory lane.”

Behind The Scenes

Initial flowchart I designed during the early prototyping stages, when it was titled SYFT.

An updated flowchart redesigned by our UX Designer with future features considered.