Virtual Reality Camera Simulator
Test out Canon’s fleet of cameras and lenses in virtual reality
Client: Canon Inc.
Role: Design Lead

I worked closely with developers to design and redefine the way consumers test out Canon's fleet of cameras and lenses in virtual reality before they invest their own hard-earned money towards new gear.

The experience of researching cameras and lenses that you want to purchase is underwhelming. You are either online reading blocks of text or in-store testing out a camera without an interesting subject.

Virtual Reality Camera Simulator focuses on the immersive 360º environments for a captivating experience for people who are eager to try various combinations of Canon cameras and lenses. The idea of being able photograph in any type of setting is what makes it fun. For instance, you can photograph fish underwater without actually having to swim. The resulting photographs will differ based on your settings as you are able to control aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. Everyone can learn a little more about the fundamentals of photography and feel less intimidated by it.

The Launch

Virtual Reality Camera Simulator has been available for free on the Oculus Store since June of 2016. You can download it here.

Shortly after, it was featured on various notable tech blogs, as mentioned below.

Behind The Scenes

Prior to launching in the Oculus store, we did a huge demo at the Tech Leadership Conference held in Kitchener, Ontario to showcase the application’s features. We had a beautiful booth set up in the middle of the entire venue.