Creative ProducerLivestream ProducerPost-Production
Fun fact Nº1As of 2020, I've been asked to produce all livestreamed events such as panel talks, performances, and virtual parties, and have returned annually to work with the Reel Asian team
Fun fact Nº2Produced Reel Asian's first virtual party during the pandemic and booked talent from New York, Toronto, and Vancouver with viewers tuning in from North America, Asia, Europe, etc.
Festival Director: Deanna Wong
Operations Manager: Chris Chin
Marketing Director: Christine Vu
Creative Co-Producer: Josephine Cruz & Mimi Vuong
Livestream Co-Producer: Josephine Cruz & Mimi Vuong
Post-Production: Haaris Qadri, Monica Thi, & Mimi Vuong

Collective 1: New Ho Queen (Toronto)
Collective 2: ISO Radio (Toronto)
Collective 3: Bubble T (New York City)
Collective 4: Ricecake (Vancouver)